Top Tips to Create Your Perfect Asian Wedding

Top Tips to Create Your Perfect Asian Wedding

From finding a priest to sourcing Asian cuisine, aligning your wedding with your cultural or religious preferences can be exhausting. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, whether you’re planning a traditional Asian wedding or an intimate reception with a modern twist, here at Asian wedding exhibition, we are sure these top tips will come in handy.

Asian Wedding Exhibition1. Make your wedding a memorable experience for your guests!

The theme should reflect both of your personalities. A regal theme might include elements from regal weddings, such as performers, puppet shows and a procession of dancers and musicians, or a Bollywood theme might involve your relatives dressing up as iconic movie stars and entering your venue on a glam red carpet.

2. Asian Wedding Exhibition suggests your venue sets the tone of your wedding so it’s important you choose wisely

Keep in mind the size of your guest list as well as your budget constraints when searching for a wedding venue. Asian Wedding Exhibition suggests an Arabian Nights-themed wedding, you could choose an outdoor venue where you can pitch a Bedouin tent or marquee that can be transformed with Moroccan carpets and furnishings.
Asian Wedding Exhibition

3. For a wedding that’s truly memorable make sure to include an element of surprise

Asian Wedding Exhibition suggests hiring a professional Bollywood choreographer to get your friends and family off their chairs and onto the dance floor.
Asian Wedding Exhibition

4. Menu Choices

Pleasing everybody is hard, if you are going for a canape reception, Asian Wedding Exhibition suggests opting for veg options as well as non-alcoholic beverages to cater everybody’s preferences. Why not choose a mock-tail that matches your wedding theme colour or create your own cocktails with your theme in mind.
Asian Wedding Exhibition

5. An Asian wedding is so much more than just the official ceremony and reception

Cultural and religious ceremonies as well as hen, stag and cocktail parties are all a special part of tying the knot, so plan early and with purpose to ensure these pre-wedding events go off without a hitch. At Asian Wedding Exhibition we provide caterers, florists and décor companies to make it easier for you.
Asian Wedding Exhibition

6. Get creative when it comes to your wedding cake

First decide if you will share your cake with your guests, intimate weddings might be an easier choice, however catering to larger numbers will be an added expense. Check with your caterers what desserts are included in your wedding package. Asian Wedding Exhibition suggests creating a cake which only one or two layers are real and the other layers are artificial.
Asian Wedding Exhibition

7. Give unique wedding favours that tie into your wedding theme

Asian Wedding ExhibitionAn exotic blend of tea, or mithais with a modern twist (anyone for rose-petal barfi?) are sure to be a hit with your guests. You can find top industry caterers at Asian Wedding Exhibition.

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