What To Avoid While Customizing Your Wedding Attire

What To Avoid While Customizing Your Wedding Attire

Customizing Bridal wear

Do you have your heart set on customising your ideal bridal outfit and you perhaps even know in your mind the exact hue, fabric, style and designer to do it for you? However, despite all the ideas it may not turn out perfect! Buying your bridal attires can be a magical time, but can give you a bit of a stress. Besides there are a plenty of mistakes brides make when customising their dream outfit, so here’s how to stay bridal shopping savvy by avoiding common mistakes.

1. Do not get fixated on just one hue. Brides should know that a few colours or colour combinations tend to work in their favour, some don’t. It is fine to go after trends, it is imperative to know which hues suit your personality and complexion. If you happen to choose a designer you fancy, try to get your suggestions work around their design sensibilities.

2. Opting for a western bridal attire for main functions is a no-no. Brides are allowed to be traditional or old school when it comes to dressing up on the D day. An Indian bride can carry grandeur like no other hence opt for a tradional Indian ensemble, and complete the look with ornate jewelry. Rather leave the experimental mode for the other ceremonies and adhere to lavishness for the main functions.

3. If you are hoping or dreaming of droping weight and sizes by the wedding or the final trial and in anticipation ordering an outfit a few sizes smaller, it’s a sheer misstep! After all you are customising the wedding dress of your dreams, even if it’s not quite a perfect fit on you, your order a smaller dress and then do whatever it takes to make it fit. Despite a commitment to eat right and exercise, you could end up with a disasterous I’ll fitting outfit.

4. Steer clear of being a heard mentality and blindly following trends.
Some brides go after trends or get inspired by the glam queens or runway irrespective of the outfit looking good on them.

5. Too much can make it messy.
When brides decide to customise their own outfit they should keep one design aesthetic in mind, narrow down the ideas as too much can get messy. Keep up to date with current colours, silhouette and double check the fit and finishing of the outfit.

6. Consider the designer’s expertise.
Take the designer’s expertise to pick the right outfit, colour, material, cut all of it complimenting your body type and skin tone.
Happy hunting!

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